Magic Carpet for TI-89

This is a remake of the famous PC game Magic Carpet, originally published 1995 by Bullfrog.

As game description here is a quotation from

One of the most original games ever made, Bullfrog’s Magic Carpet is a classic action/strategy hybrid that remains eminently playable years after its release.
The game’s originality shines right from when you first learn of the plot. An evil wizard harnessed all his powers to shatter the (very Arabian Nights-inspired) world, thus distributing the land’s supply of mana to the beasts, turning them into powerful, menacing creatures. The burden falls on you, an apprentice wizard, to establish equilibrium to these shattered worlds by collecting mana, whether it belongs to deadly monsters, competing wizards, or to nobody at all. The mana is represented in the game as color bubbles scattered throughout the land, and you must continually collect them to cast powerful spells. You win each level (i.e. island) by destroying the castles of enemy wizards.

mc01 mc02

Magic Carpet – Pre-Release No.1 | Source - Not a real game yet, only basic functionality implemented. (2004-05-25)

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