Treptowers Galerie

Ich hatte vor eine Computer-Simulation mit den Gebäuden der Treptowers zu erstellen. Da es aber im Internet kaum gute Bilder der Treptowers gab, die ich hätte als Referenz heranziehen können, hab ich mich dazu entschlossen, selber welche zu schiessen.

Eine umfangreiche Galerie dazu findet man ab heute unter dem Menüpunkt Bilder.

Privateer – The Beginning (for TI-89)

This is an extended remake of the famous PC game Pivateer, originally published 1993 by Origin.

As game description here is a quotation from

Privateer is one of the best mercenary space combat games ever made. You are free to explore the Wing Commander universe by taking on the roles of merchant, mercenary, smuggler and/or pirate. There are always many missions you can choose from, and you can ignore the main plotline as long as you please by taking on less important jobs. The action takes place in the Gemini Sector, each quadrant in which is teeming with solar systems, Kilrathi and Confed ships, pirates, asteroids and other hazards. In turn, most solar systems are dabbed with their own planets, space stations and jump points to other systems. There are over 64 star systems you can explore, all adding to dozens of hours of sheer entertainment.

It may have a flight model as realistic as Elite, or a trade model as captivating as Starflight, but at two o’clock in the morning, all you can think of will be how to roast that damn pirate ship to make nice salvage operation afterwards. Two thumbs up, way up!


  • Completely rendered game graphics
  • Displayed with up to 8 grayscales
  • Full motion video sequences
  • A complex story plot
  • Support of multiple languages
  • A living and breathing universe to discover

What is The Beginning about?

Privateer: The Beginning is playing before the first part of Privateer took place. In very short, you have to find the way back to the Gemini Sector (Humboldt Quadrant) where the first part has begun. The Intro will show you more details of the story.

What about the 3d engine?

This game is using a similar engine like the original Privateer. It is basically a sprite rotating and scaling algorithm.

Multiple Languages:

If there is anybody who wants to translate this game to another language, mail me! You are very welcome!

It’s really easy, you will get a file with all dialogs and texts from the game and that’s all you need for this job. Then I’ll take the tanslated file and add it to the game.

I would publish all languages which are possible with Latin letters!

First release date?

Not predictable.


priv03 priv04

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